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Time for an update..

Wow. I'm so bored.

These past few days have sort of sucked, not entirely but for the most part. Brittny's on vacation, Amourelle is in Hawaii, Tom usually has to work, and ever since Amanda has gotten home I can never get ahold of her. Oh...and everyone else I normally hang out w/ sort of don't like me right now, or so I'm assuming.

Tom and I have been hanging out a lot more lately, which is good b/c for awhile there I thought we were growing apart but that would never happen. Yesterday he came over and we had an awesome time and just watched movies and such and my mom tried to make ice cream and it so didn't work and it was just all hilarious lol.

I miss Amanda, I was w/ her like everyday before she left and now I haven't seen her for about a week and a half and I can't get ahold of her like ever. I miss Brittny I was w/ her like all last week, and as always I miss Amourelle but even more now since shes in Hawaii (to think I was suppose to go w/ them, stupid me.)

I'm kind of irritable right now. My mom is bugging me to get a job and asks me questions about everything just like everyone else does and it's really annoying me. I also need to find a job soon b/c I need to pay for pageant stuff as well as everything else in the world...That's right I'm not as spoiled as all of you think. Everything is just getting to me right now. I don't even know who I'm friends w/ anymore, I mean I know who my true friends are, but.... I don't know. I'm just in a really wierd place right now. Things are so different and I'm going to be a senior next year, and so far things haven't been to exciting this summer, I'm still waiting for it to take off, hopefully it will after the fourth of July. The rain/thunderstorms are kind of making me gloomy too. And I haven't done anything wrong yet this summer lol ;), what's up w/ that?

Okay well that's enough for today. I think I'm going to go watch a movie or something.

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